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Food lion

TV & Social

What makes Food Lion different from their competitors? The same thing that separates a neighbor from a stranger. Kindness, care & friendly faces. That's what drives them to provide fresh, affordable food for their communities every day. 

AD - Harper Biewen

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Hometown Spotlight

Our Hometown Spotlight celebrates the heart and soul of our stores—our associates. Associates who go above and beyond everyday to make their communities better simply because they care.

AD - Ivy Phan

Traditions with a Twist

For the holidays, we took a different approach to social recipe videos. Instead of Tasty-style top-down videos, we created a series that told the story of a mom teaching her son how to put a twist on a traditional family recipe. 

We figured out which holiday recipes were most popular in each state, then created 20 unique pieces of content.

AD - Ivy Phan

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