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Super Bowl LVIII Activation & Season-Long Social

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Bringing the super ball to vegas

The morning after SBLVII, we brought the Super Bowl to Vegas on a flatbed truck. Documenting the entire thing live via IG stories and TikTok videos, garnering over 1.1 billion impressions in the process. 

AD - Ivy Phan


racked up the views

Invading Vegas social

After bringing the Super Ball to Vegas, we hijacked our own social content to bring the Super Bowl to @Vegas social. 

There’s no better place to get a ring than Vegas. 💍

You better be ready to go deep when you visit Vegas. 😉

Hikes are better in Vegas. And we’re not just talking about Red Rock Canyons. 😉

Judging by the nachos at @FlavortownVegas, “big” means “BIGGER” in Vegas. 😎

Might we suggest taking calling time out of your trip for the Trevi Fountain?

Are you the next @WakudaVegas super fan?

If you haven’t been to Lake Las Vegas yet, we’ll catch you there. 😉 

It’s time for our annual Vegas Food Crawl! Think you can go. all. the. way? 🤫

Visit these must-see destinations to be the MVP of your friends’ feeds. 🏆

The countdown is on for showtime in Vegas. ⏰

Is it just us, or does every Vegas cocktail belong on a highlight reel? 🤔

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