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Let's Talk About Sandwiches

I usually don't bring lunch to work. Not only because I'm lazy, but because I'm lazy and lunch is provided on most days.

Today was not one of those days. I knew ahead of time that today would be such a day. So I prepared. I sliced tomatoes, and toasted bread, and rinsed lettuce and built a sandwich with my bare hands. I was looking forward to it all day, not because I love sandwiches, but on account of bringing your own sandwich to work being a classic rite of passage. I've done it. I am now an adult. You can venmo me your congratulations.

It wasn't a great sandwich, but that's beside the point.

Maybe I should intern at Which Wich (my fav sandwich shop) to learn to build a proper sandwich. I hadn't heard of it 'til I got to Austin, but now that I've tasted its glory I can most certainly never walk into a Subway again and feel good about myself. Sorry, Jared. (Except, not sorry 'cause you're a monstrous human being who deserves everything that happens to you in the next few years.)

Speaking of Subway, they really screwed themselves over with that insanely catchy $5 footlong campaign that ran for years. I say this because now I can NEVER value a Subway sandwich anywhere over $5. Which is a problem for them, because they cost, like, $6.50 + tax. If you're still reading this, you're probably not wondering what my favorite sandwich is. (You're probably instead wondering why I've decided to write a blog post about sandwiches.) 1) My favorite sandwich is an Oreo cookie. Don't @ me. 2) There is no point to this blog post, it's a blog post. This is more just me forcing myself to write something that isn't work related.

3) Thanks for reading and be sure to email/call and complain about this net neutrality bullshit that's about to ruin the only good thing about the world.

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