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Do I love LaMarcus Aldridge?

Just two months ago, this question would be met with a quick and easy answer: LOL!!!! But, it is not October 2017, it is December 2017 and LaMarcus' admittedly astounding play has given me a lot to think about. Such as: Can LaMarcus continue this play into the next play? Can LaMarcus continue this play into next quarter? What about the next week? Can LaMarcus continue this play into the playoffs? Does LaMarcus shop at Ross, like I do? Does LaMarcus like chicharrones? Does LaMarcus Aldridge prefer Kendrick or Drake? (My money's on Drake). Can LaMarcus keep this play up when Kawhi comes back? Or will LMA turn back into LMAo when forced to play second fiddle to Kawhi's blistering Devil-Went-Down-to-Georgia-quality fiddle? Do I love LaMarcus Aldridge? If LaMarcus Aldridge misses a fadeaway jumper and no one is there to see it, does LaMarcus Aldridge look to the ref for a whistle? Lots of questions. If you haven't noticed, per, LaMarcus Aldridge has been enjoying his best season since his Portland days. He's even achieving a career high 25.6 PER. The league average is 15. And for some perspective, his PER last season was an 18.6. So that's a pretty substantial spike. I think? Idk. Ask John Hollinger.

Anyways, if you aren't aware, I haven't ever been a big supporter of Silver and Black LMA.

To be quite frank, the dude just lets me down. Missed chip shots, lackadaisical defense, poor body language, no hustle plays to point to and say "The stat sheet just doesn't capture his importance!" no willingness to go in the paint and wrestle with anybody. Just low-quality turnaround jumper after low-quality turnaround jumper. This season has been different, though. After an offseason heart-to-heart, and some quality beard time with Pop, LaMarcus looks like a different person. He's active on the offensive glass, he's attacking the rim, running the floor, diving for loose balls, he's not settling as much, his help defense has improved by leaps and bounds! It's wild.

It's lit. Whatever it is, it's certainly promising.

So, do I love LaMarcus Aldridge? Not yet.

But for once, I don't want to trade him. And that's a start.

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